Musa Heel

Our SS23 Musa Heels are a pair of slick black heels made from the most lustrous pearlescent silk. The heels are decorated with ribbons and decorative handcrafted flowers which create a very flirty and romantic silhouette.

One of the main inspirations for our SS23 collection are the spring florals. Swelling from tender bud to full bloom, spring flowers are traditionally associated with notions of change, growth and renewal. Our studio is endlessly inspired by the symbolism of their cyclical nature, announcing the dawn of a new chapter.

Our “Objects of Joy” are not afraid of aging. They warmly welcome the passage and caress of time. Over time, these objects will continually acquire new meanings as they will grow closer to us and become part of our everyday life. They continue to sparkle and shine, even from under a veil of memories, as witnesses of infinite joy.

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