For MÄRCHEN, a garment symbolises the comfort of a long time friend. You might never mention it out loud but in those small everyday moments when you think the entire world has already been seen and experienced - a sheer sense of realisation slips in - how accustomed you’ve grown to their company. A trusted hologram with its own space and time- an intellectual land you built together, in a language beyond the comprehension of others. Forever intertwined.

MÄRCHEN creates long-lasting objects in a seemingly transparent approach. The melodious rhythm running through our garments is shaped by the subtle details that bring the wearer joy and ease eternally. With a minimalist concept and refined craftsmanship, our studio aims to build a bond between our garments and the people who wear them.

The years in between are what matters in the end and the intimate memories from those years are full of colour. We all age, but our wishes are getting fulfilled. After all, love is enough.