May Cardigan

Our SS23 May Cardigan is a versatile knit sweater that opens at the front with buttons. It is made of a very soft and comfortable cotton blend. We know there are a lot of cardigans in the world already, but please listen as we elaborate on why we think the SS23 May Cardigan is a truly impeccable addition to your personal wardrobe!

The use of a cardigan can vary depending on the occasion, weather and personal style of the wearer, we love this perfect cardigan for its excellent quality as a layering piece. Wearing a cardigan as a layering piece not only adds warmth and style to your look, but it can also be easily adjusted according to the temperature or your comfort level. In fact, this is what our SS23 May Cardigan excels at! Because of its versatility, this little gem can be your new go-to garment for casual relaxed occasions or can be a stylish sophisticated addition to your work attire.

Additionally, it is the perfect garment for transitional seasons - hence its name - like spring. In times when the weather can be a bit unpredictable or on those cooler mornings or evenings, this cardigan will ensure an extra layer of warmth. As you travel this summer, our SS23 May Cardigan will serve as a practical and comfortable garment, as a snuggly cozy layer for chilly flights or as an extra garment when visiting places with changing temperatures. In short, this is your new BFF and a garment that will stay with you for seasons to come!

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