Katio Alpaca Cardigan

Our AW23 Katio Alpaca Cardigan is a testament to enduring style and timeless comfort.

Crafted from a high-quality baby alpaca wool, our grey cardigan is exceptionally soft against the skin. Contrary to what the name suggests, the fibre does not come from a baby alpaca but from the adult alpaca, it refers to the softest part of the animal. Besides its softness and quality, the alpaca fibre does not require a chemical treatment, bleaching or dyeing and it does not contain lanolin, making it the perfect garment for those with sensitive skin.

The subdued grey hue adds a touch of refinement to this cardigan, making it a staple piece that seamlessly transitions through seasons and occasions. The clean lines and classic design offer a versatile canvas for effortless styling, ensuring it becomes a go-to layering choice for any outfit.

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