SS22 Collection “Sea The City”:

Is inspired by the haziness of a sleepy summer afternoon. The collection celebrates the time of the day when the sun has reached its zenith - the moment when everything is embraced in a net of light and enveloped in a mysterious atmosphere of astonishing quiet.

For the SS22 collection, MÄRCHEN has complemented its traditional color palette consisting of black, white and the house color gray with deep fuschia, soft pink, sandy and yellow shades that capture the daylight fleeting into twilight.

“Summer was like your house: you knew where each thing stood.”

- Rainer Maria Rilke

The different textures and cuts are largely inspired by the sea and the collective memory of spending a day at the seaside - the saltiness of the sea water, the collecting of lonely stray shells, eating pastries on paper doilies - sensible elements that for each of us, evoke different personal experiences and reappear in various ways through the patterns and cuts of the garments.

Our SS22 Collection “Sea The City” resembles a language aware of the summer and its fictions, words, sounds, intuitions, gestures and fragments. It translates our thoughts and most cherished memories - each garment becomes a constellation of meanings and references - a small certainty that surpasses a summer’s day even when the seasons change.