On cosmic exchange between stars and gems. 

The INTRITO accessories series emerged from the shared understanding of the universe and destiny between COTEMP and MÄRCHEN. Whether a genuine connection exists between the two is subject to personal interpretation. It expresses a sense of belonging and illustrates a quest of proximity for infinity.

In this collaboration, natural gemstones are considered tangible carriers of our mysterious galaxy. By carrying the stones close to us and examining them, we are gently reminded of the bond that unites the individual with a world beyond.

The INTRITO series comprises three distinct ring designs. Each gemstone is delicately cut in a sugarloaf shape, having a slightly conical shape and graceful curved sides, thus accentuating the gem's inherent texture and colour. The precious stones are expertly hand-set on a open-backed bezel with prongs, which highlights their impeccable brilliance and clarity. Each is then connected to a sleek knotted ring at an angle of approximately 45 degrees, reminiscent of the nebulae that eternally intertwine in the perpetual cycle of the cosmos.