AW23 Holiday Collection - MÄRCHEN’s Polar Night 

MÄRCHEN's AW23 Holiday Collection begins with Finnish artist Tove Jansson's personal journey to create her Moomin series. The image of the beloved hippopotamus is derived from the scribbles she used to make to taunt her brother when she was a child, and even though her father didn't approve of it as art, Tove continued to scribble it on the wall, in cards, and in between canvases, and it eventually became a healing image for the soul.

From MÄRCHEN's point of view, Tove's Elves transcend the traditional framework of children's illustration, using minimalist lines to calmly tell stories of loneliness, loss, disorder, and even satirical politics. Under the icy blue sky, the slow-moving elf and his friends cross the land with bright colours, and in the polar night of Finland, the writer reflects the firelight, outlining their adventures and philosophies. Those innocent lines of colour may seem naive, but for MÄRCHEN, they paint the truths hidden in our hearts.

MÄRCHEN's New Year's Holiday collection reinvents the seemingly unwieldy lines of winter wear, seeking the vitality of contrasts in layers of warm materials while incorporating the purity and rebelliousness of illustration. The rich expression of natural wool is at the heart of the entire collection. While the brand's representative grey is constantly changing, shades of raspberry red and snow white collide with an energy and style similar to Moomin's adventurous heroes of the valley and a girl's temperament. Endlessly inspired by Tove’s rebellious philosophy, the AW23 Holiday garments aim to break through the stereotypes of everyday winter wear.