The MÄRCHEN Winter Holiday Collection navigates through the world of tweed. The fabric has been around for centuries and was originally used to make leisure garments for Scottish gentlemen and -women to wear during their outdoor activities such as golf, hunting or biking.

Over time, tweed became recognized by established fashion houses and was quickly incorporated into their collections because of its practicality - but because of its traditional look; it was often limited to certain designs. For this collection, MÄRCHEN has taken strong inspiration from tweed and its long-standing legacy. It is the only fabric that reflects the true textures and colors of its environment in its pattern, namely the Scottish Highlands, and thus stands out from any other material.

The Winter Holiday Collection consists of five modern interpretations of a Tweed garment. The collection embodies the Highlands and its landscape where the wind rushes through isolated architecture and across empty beaches. It is reminiscent of a mystical place where birds and small animals adorn the landscape - a place where everything seems to be bathed in a mist of good fortune. Each piece was named after an iconic nostalgic cocktail to celebrate the special occasions and gettogethers with friends, family and loved ones during the holiday season.