The AW21 collection is inspired by the slow stretch of waking up on a winters day. When technology is continuing to affect our everyday life - it often escapes our memory to celebrate the small wonders of nature. The overwhelming sense of calm and anonymity that is experienced when observing: the first snow when the entire world is still at rest, the purity of the morning dew - what Shakespeare called the golden dew of sleep, or the warmth of the sun rays peaking through the branches while flirting with the melting ice crystals, make you believe that the whispering leaves are singing a song that is meant to be heard, only by you.

These little fragments of utopia don’t actively contribute to our collective memory but we understand their language, we are at home with them. They exist in the image of our time, that currently defined by its complex divorces of the seasons - and ultimately divided between passivity and anxiety but promise us despite everything hope - or the very least expectation.

The storytelling of AW21 mirrors that of 19th century romanticism where artists prioritised nature and whose depictions symbolised a total sense of harmony that makes us forget that all this existed and will continue to exist beyond our gaze. Beside nature, Romanticism had a great sympathy for the fantastical and the supernatural to set itself in opposition to the order and rationality of classical artistic precepts and to embrace freedom and revolution in art. 

The AW21 campaign explores this aspect on various levels. During the course of history, mystical characters have been often overlooked, neglected or reduced in importance due to their “improbable" appearan-ce. MÄRCHEN is inspired by supernatural figures such as the witch or the mermaid because they usually live in an environment where nature prevails. The AW21 campaign examines the endless possibilities and developments they embody when they’re given a chance to find their wonderland.

The AW21 collection is a proof of the MÄRCHEN studio's work ethic that doesn't stop questioning the conventional construction of fashion design - and that actively takes part in its deconstruction to reshape and adapt its presence to the demands of our modern-age. The collection symbolises a marriage between the honest vulnerability of traditional standards and the openness of new ways to approach or interpret them. The campaign and its quite unusual iconography is a visual translation of this narrative. 

The nostalgic sensibility of the garments comes naturally. The colour palette of AW21 constitutes of deep black, warm beige, tin grey and an aged white. The neutral pigments recalls the deep-rooted spectrum of traditional winter collections but the MÄRCHEN palette is longing to be paired with the absolute shade of the ephemeral - the bloom of your dainty rosy cheeks.

For this collection MÄRCHEN team slowed down for a moment, opened itself up to learn from the past, and found itself waking up at dawn and rediscovering its values. Ultimately, MÄRCHEN sets its sails in position to catch the wind, ready to broaden its horizons - a voyage to find a better tomorrow where the sun is always setting.