Bubble Nebula Ring

As an extension of our AW23 Holiday Collection and to celebrate the Year of the Dragon, our studio is happy to announce its inaugural venture into jewellery inspired by the vastness of the universe and all its secrets. Humanity has long pondered the cosmos, trying to grasp it in its entirety, as the endless constellations of stars have captivated our gaze since the beginning of time.

Our Bubble Nebula Ring has a protagonist London Blue Topaz stone which is delicately cut in a sugarloaf shape, featuring a slightly conical shape and graceful curved sides, accentuates the gem's inherent texture and colour, and exudes a sense of tranquillity. The interlocking rings resemble long star trails, and are embellished with additional more petite gemstones, Aquamarine, and a deep Obsidian, which orbit an ambiguous bright and dark star pattern across the finger of the wearer.

This ring is part of our INTRITO series and was made in collaboration with COTEMP. The piece is engraved on the inside.

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