Garden Top

One of the central story lines of our studio’s design philosophy is the relationship that exists between the garment and the wearer. We believe garments contribute to our personal identity and become a part of us that’s why our AW22 Holiday Collection is designed with the intent of making the most perfect and timeless version of a specific garment. This way we hope to inspire our audience to invest in long-lasting pieces instead of shopping for fleeting trends.

Our AW22 Holiday Garden Jacket is a perfect example of a loyal garment. A perfect jacket that you can always turn to in times of need: to run errands, to work in the garden, to grab drinks after work, etc. The design features multiple pockets that fit your phone, keys, Airpods and your cardholder, because sometimes you need two free hands and just can’t bring a bag! The jacket can be turned inside out, giving the wearer an additional option to style it.

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