Our AW23 collection embarks on a celestial journey with the revelations of astrologer Noel Tyl in "The Missing Moon," a collection of short stories that seamlessly weaves humour and imagination with genuine astrological practice and centres on the trials and errors of hero astrologer Michael Mercury. Inspired by this cosmic allure, the MÄRCHEN 2023 fall and winter series delves into minds captivated by the stars.
More than 2,000 years ago, Babylonians associated the stars with grain harvests, and when we fast forward to today whether we enjoy gazing at the stars in mountain landscapes, wielding astrolabes to arrange patterns, or connecting the constellation of the planets to the fortune of the lottery - it is clear that astrology, akin to the rotation of time and space, serves as a thematic core.

For MÄRCHEN, this obsession becomes an exploration that leads to a connection between the self, the skies and the universe. In this modern sense of naturalism, the freedom of prophecy and expressiveness reveals a unique beauty.

The AW23 collection paints an active and romantic narrative, blending workwear aesthetics with the delicate elegance of lace. Subtle embellishments—bows, buttons, and ribbons—mirror constellations as scattering points of brilliance. Our fabric choices for this collection reflect a commitment to quality, using silk, pure wool, and baby alpaca hair for uniform-like items.

MÄRCHEN captures the contradictory influence of astrology, aiming to rub out sparks, capturing fleeting moments amid vast, boundless black curtains—expressed through the nuanced notes of the AW23 collection.


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