The AW22 Collection Autumn Étude floats in the symbolism of adolescence. It embodies a transitional phase of growth and development that coincides with the changing of seasons. It exists in an in-between space where each garment is in search for a wider dimension and allows a 360-degree approach.

In this collection, MÄRCHEN continues to explore the possibilities of the fabric tweed. As tweed was traditionally used for upper-class leisure wear, this collection reconceptualizes the textile and adapts it to our current state, resulting in atleisure wear that caters to the needs of the contemporary woman. In addition to tweed, this collection favors texture. A rich pool of fabrics such as velvet, silk, wool and embroidery explore some of the original MÄRCHEN silhouettes such as the pleated skirt and empire cut dress.

The characteristic color palette of neutrals is expanded with a range of warm browns and beiges in contrast with a diluted ultramarine. This conflict is reminiscent of the visual language of Gordon Willis and Luciano Tovoli, cinematographers of films including Interiors (1978) and Suspiria (1977) whose oeuvres demonstrate that the interaction and alternation of the color temperature contributes to visual storytelling with an unparalleled sensibility. New beginnings are here - after all, Chopin and Debussy are for lovers!