Flora Dress

The SS23 Flora Dress is our studio's interpretation of the perfect summer dress. The dress is made from one of our favourite fabrics we have scouted for this season, the most beautiful lustrous pearl silk. The fabric is lightly draped around the body resulting in a dramatic exposure of the silk that beautifully captures the light, whether it is sunlight or candlelight. The design has a high slit on one side. The dress is closed at the back with two slim diagonal straps that can be easily modified to suit the wearer's personal needs or preferences. In addition, each strap is decorated with a white tulip. The dress can be worn on top or under a second garment; we like to style it over pants.

One of the main inspirations for our SS23 collection are the spring florals. Swelling from tender bud to full bloom, spring flowers are traditionally associated with notions of change, growth and renewal. Our studio is endlessly inspired by the symbolism of their cyclical nature, announcing the dawn of a new chapter.

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